EliteLegal offers a simple, powerful, and secure way to manage your legal department. It offers a variety of features and modules that will provide a simple way to manage matters, outside legal counsel, progress and file bring-ups, fee notes, and quotation from outside legal counsel, budgets, and legal spend management. EliteLegal helps corporate legal departments to collaborate and share knowledge among internal team members and with outside counsel. It also helps them to drill down to detailed legal costs and make better sourcing decisions for their legal work.

Corporate Legal Department Management Software

Corporate legal departments are faced with many unique challenges and obstacles, especially when it comes to technology. Their concerns are distinct and different from that of law firms so standard law firm technology solutions are not always a perfect fit. Unlike law firms, corporate legal departments are part of a bigger enterprise and must operate under a different set of rules than private law firms which can change how information must be handled.

As legal costs for corporate legal departments continue to rise, and the volume and complexity of the legal department’s workload increase, legal officers must identify new ways to control their legal cost and manage potential risk without compromising on departmental efficiency.

Some of the key challenges that corporate legal departments face include

  1. Mandates to better contain the high costs of litigation and other legal expenses
  2. Keeping up with an increasingly complex regulatory environment to ensure corporate compliance
  3. Fragmented and inefficient business processes (e.g., information saved locally in spreadsheets, manual and paper-based procedures, use of phone calls and email to gather information from outside counsel)
  4. Reliance upon a highly complex portfolio of legal and enterprise systems, which is expensive to maintain, hard for staff to learn and use, and limits reporting across all data
  5. Lack of visibility into legal risk, outside counsel spend and value, and legal operations
  6. Rapid globalization of business, which requires legal departments to integrate processes and share information across an increasingly widespread legal team

EliteLegal helps corporate legal departments

  • Simplify how lawyers and legal staff work by automating business processes and streamlining access to the information that legal staff need
  • Easily and securely collaborate and share knowledge among internal team members and with outside counsel
  • Drive down legal costs, improve spend predictability, and make better sourcing decisions for legal work
  • Gain visibility into legal matters, costs, risks, and operations and benchmark themselves against peers to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Seamlessly and proactively monitor regulations to ensure compliance
    Consolidate and simplify their technology portfolios to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of legal


Increased Efficiency

EliteLegal allows your staff members to handle exponentially more matters than they could with a manual system. As your legal budget comes under yearly strain, EliteLegal helps you meet higher demands by allowing your staff to work more efficiently.

Provide better service

EliteLegal allows you to provide better service to your corporate clients.

  1. Respond more quickly to inquiries with the matter information available at your fingertips – no need to track down the paper file.
  2. Notify the corporation of “trends” over which they may not be aware of themselves.
  3. Proactively provide information to the corporation.
  4. Make information available to others in the corporation over a secured corporate intranet. Users can log on and have access to selected matter information.

Create a knowledge base

EliteLegal allows you to search past matters easily. In this way, you can quickly search past opinions that you have provided so that you do not constantly have to “reinvent the wheel”.

Track Legal Spending

EliteLegal allows you to Drive down legal costs, improve spend predictability, and make better sourcing decisions for legal work

Stay current

Your own customized dashboard with reminders, messages, alerts and more

Access to EliteLegal anywhere, anytime

Support a virtual office with access to your Legal Files information – at home or on the road


Matter Management

The Matter Management solution gives you clarity about your overall matter portfolio so you can make informed, strategic business decisions. Assign / Outsource matters to outside counsel and ensures visibility of all outsourced work, ensuring high standards of quality and timely turnaround.

Matter Bring-up & reminders

The matter bring-up solution allows legal teams to monitor and follow up on court dates and bring updates so as to never miss a critical progress date. Bring up notifications are sent via email.


The E-billing solution allows third parties, such as law firms and other vendors, to submit invoices securely to the corporate legal department for review and payment.


Track key dates and deadlines. Avoid scheduling conflicts. Choose from multiple views.

Legal Spend Management

Monitor all expenses incurred by the legal department both internally and from outside counsel outsourced work.

Ethics Violation

The Ethics Violation module brings your ethics cases together in one place so your team can collaborate.

Invoice Approval & Payment

The Invoice Payment & Approval solution lets you keep track of all your vendor invoices and payments.

Document management

Centralize your document store with our inbuilt folder structure. Easily search for and retrieve any document you’ve created or attached to a file.

Whistleblower Module

The Whistleblower module lets you customize the forms and information you need to investigate any alleged dishonest activities brought to you by employees.

IP Infringement Module

The IP Infringement solution lets you organize your IP portfolio in one easily accessible location and gives you more visibility so you can make smarter IP decisions.